One of my best friends recently got married abroad about two weeks ago!  Unfortunately due to work commitments, I was not able to make it.  When she was in town a couple months ago we threw her a little impromptu bridal shower super last minute and I was extremely pleased with the results!  We decided to go with a white and silver colored scheme with pink flowers all around.  

This was our "dessert" table, even though it turned out mainly to be a decor table.  I LOVED it!

We all pitched in and decided to get her this pair of heels as her wedding gift. 
She loved them, her reaction was priceless!



Never Enough Navy!

I've always been a sucker for anything navy.  Lately I've been purchasing/wearing/admiring/stalking so many pieces that are navy.  It doesn't matter if they are bags, shoes, jackets, tops, nail polish, or jewelry.  Below is just a quick snap of a few things that I've been wearing the crap out of on this navy kick I'm on.  

A. Wang - Rockie Bag, Loreal & Ciate Polish, J. Crew Skirt, Zara Heels, J. Crew & J.C. Necklaces

What has been your go to color lately?



Goodbye 2013!

When New Years comes around, it's the perfect time to bring out everything sparkly in your wardrobe.  And since I seem to be attracted to anything with glitter I have a ton of things that sparkle...  Anyways, I can't believe its already 2014! Hope everyone had a safe and fun New Years.  

Pink & Glitter, the perfect combination!

As you know by now, I do love a statement necklace.  
These are OTT.  But my friend convinced me that I had to buy them.  



It's The Most Wonderful Time of The Year!

Winter may be notorious for many things such as...the weather! However, to be honest if I had to pick between Summer or Winter from a style perspective - I'd most likely go with Winter as my first choice...everyone is just wayyy better dressed than they are during the hot season. I think it might be because of the fact that they are Actually wearing clothes..!!  (Okayyy, it's not like I live on the beach so no mean jokes about people who just don't dress up beyond wearing flip flops :)

Anyway, I was talking about Winter. So, I'm in Boston right now and let me tell you It's COLD. Planning an outfit for a day or night out is always a two-hour long activity that must be blocked out on the calendar... but I manage to get it done... and go out. I have to admit that like most of you, every season there are Manyyy new additions to my lust list for the season (and the season after that :). For this time of the year my favorite color is Navy Blue. It's catching my eye wherever I go! I should be shielding my eyes for safety but my remedy is the opposite - more online sign ups, more check-in's into Gilt and Net-a-Porter..and definitely more 'Oooohh, let's zoom into that new product'. Hehe so on that note, here's a small list of things that are on the hit list this season :)

The most difficult part was obviously deciding on ONE shoe that I could call a favorite for this list however, I stopped searching before I got carried away. I loved that the cobalt blue Manolo's were on your list M - they're my all year round favorite! I picked out the Rossi's because recently I've been really liking his designs - his shoes are edgy yet classy which I think is usually pretty hard to pull off.

Among this list, the only things I will be indulging in for now are the coats by ZARA. Nobody does outerwear better than that brand - I'm always amazed how they get the cuts right every time.

I'm really feeling the double breasted style this winter ladies...any suggestions on which one to pick?

(Note: I do have one more weakness - they're called gold accents ;)




My Christmas Wish List

It's almost December, which means Christmas is only a couple weeks away.  This also means my online shopping addiction is at its max with all the sales going on.  I thought I would compile a little list of some of the things I have been lusting after. 

Christmas Wish List

What have you been lusting after for this Holiday season?