Quel Beau Jardin!

Living on the east coast means being able to enjoy all the four seasons. But living on the west coast means enjoying perfect weather all the time. It's no surprise that when I found out that I was returning to California after a whole year, I was a) surprised! and b) ecstatic! I live in DC right now and am soon moving to Boston and then going to...welllllll...my travels are a long story that I think is better to save for another time.

Filoli Gardens...(well one of them!)

Right now the humidity is Very high in the capital. And as I try my best to somehow ignore it, all I want to think about is my recent trip to nor Cal. The wonderful reunion with my friends was long overdue, and also came with A who was the "BEST" surprise! To follow that I went to see the amazing Filoli Gardens and Mansion that I discovered are a hidden gem in the sunny hills of Woodside, California.

Only Some of the most gorgeous flowers you'll find in California

The views and foliage were absolutely breathtaking and that day was particularly cool and breezy (yet bright!!) just as I am used to with Spring in California. The pool was very inviting and is right in the beginning of the tour. What comes after is even more beautiful.

Below is one of the gates that led all the way up to an oval surrounded by greenery. There's a real sense of calm when you walk through these gardens, and the most memorable thing is the scents of the different  flowers and blossoms.

I love old iron gates

Lastly, the mansion itself is also really beautiful. It was in fact the only place where I saw lots of Oriental furniture like Chinese screens due to the family's fascination and travels to East Asia.

Front of the mansion and some goodies from the gift shop

Of course no trip is complete without souvenirs, and so my tour ended a few yummy confectioneries and some tea to transport me back to the magnificent estate.




  1. great photos! the place looks gorgeous!

  2. Ahhhh such a wonderful place. What a joy!

  3. hey great photos! this place looks really nice, i wish it was in my country haha.

    alysia x

  4. Great post!
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  5. Oh my goodness, what GORGEOUS photos. The weather and garden look just perfect!

    xx Kait

    ChickadeeSays Bloglovin

  6. What a gorgeous place! A real gem... x

  7. Next time you are in CA you have to visit LotousLand. It is a fabulous amazing garden!


  8. Oh that pool looks soo inviting!!

  9. WOW! what an amazing place!!! heaven!


  10. The garden is gorgeous!! I was in France the past month and had the opportunity of visiting some gardens too :)



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