Last Night in the Capital

Ladies, I am on my way. First leg of my journey is this train ride from DC to New Haven, Connecticut. I'll keep you all posted on my travels as they happen. For now, I thought why not write during the trip rather than after it. I personally love train rides; so much time for good contemplation :) Besides, it's either putting my brain to good use here, or staring at this passenger's gorgeous watch which has been distracting me ever since he came and sat down. (It's always important to note a man who has good taste in accessories...amongst other things:)

Okay, soo what was I upto in the last 24 hours?? Well apart from packing my whole life and trying to stay dry since it was raining all day, I had a reunion with some of my good friends in the city. (Oohh, just stopped in Trenton, NJ - eww!! jk) Went to this cool Mexican restaurant in Georgetown, Bandolero. Great food and ambience.

One of my favorite things in the restaurant was this huge mural in the entrance of the bar.

I also came across a group of five friends who were all having a fun girls night out..hmmmm I wonder
who they reminded me of? Thought their outfits were pretty well put together.

I'm just as annoyed by the blurriness as you are.

[Oh wow I can't believe I'm ending this note as I arrive in NYC - was obviously very distracted!]

Anyway if you're ever in DC - I recommend visiting Bandolero on M street - it's one of the many great eateries in pretty, preppy Gtown!




  1. Amazing pics! So great:)


  2. so excited for you P!!!!

  3. Nice post ;)


  4. That restaurant looks great! Those ladies are reminding me of all the fun that we have when we're out together

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